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diff -u --recursive --new-file v2.3.14/linux/CREDITS linux/CREDITS
@@ -713,14 +713,11 @@
 N: Paul Gortmaker
-D: Real Time Clock driver author.
-D: 8390 net driver hacker (ne2000, wd8013, smc-ultra, 3c503, etc.) 
-D: Ethernet-HOWTO and BootPrompt-HOWTO author.
-D: Added many new CONFIG options (modules, ramdisk, generic-serial, etc.)
-D: Implemented 1st "official" kernel thread (moved user bdflush to kflushd)
-D: Various other random hacks, patches and utilities.
+D: Author of RTC driver & several net drivers, Ethernet & BootPrompt Howto.
+D: Made support for modules, ramdisk, generic-serial, etc. optional.
+D: Transformed old user space bdflush into 1st kernel thread - kflushd.
+D: Many other patches, documentation files, mini kernels, utilities, ...
 N: John E. Gotts
@@ -1056,12 +1053,12 @@
 S: Czech Republic
 N: Fred N. van Kempen
 D: NET-2
 D: Drivers
 D: Kernel cleanups
-S: Hoefbladhof 27
-S: 2215 DV Voorhout
+S: Korte Heul 95
+S: 1403 ND  BUSSUM
 S: The Netherlands
 N: Karl Keyte

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