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@@ -238,13 +238,12 @@
 new /proc/net/dev format.  This will also provide support for new
 features like IPv6.
-   As of 2.1.102, the IP firewalling code has been replaced; ipfwadm
-will no longer work.  You need to obtain "ipchains," available from
- , and use that instead of
-   To use masq forwarding you will need to obtain "ipmasqadm,"
-available from .
+   The IP firewalling and NAT code has been replaced again.  The
+actual modules (including ipfwadm and ipchains backwards-compatibility
+modules) are currently distributed separately: see
    DHCP clients for 2.0 do not work with the new networking code in the
 2.2 kernel.  You will need to upgrade your dhcpcd / dhcpclient.

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