patch-2.3.15 linux/net/atm/common.h

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diff -u --recursive --new-file v2.3.14/linux/net/atm/common.h linux/net/atm/common.h
@@ -0,0 +1,46 @@
+/* net/atm/common.h - ATM sockets (common part for PVC and SVC) */
+/* Written 1995-1998 by Werner Almesberger, EPFL LRC/ICA */
+#include <linux/net.h>
+#include <linux/poll.h> /* for poll_table */
+int atm_create(struct socket *sock,int protocol,int family);
+int atm_release(struct socket *sock);
+int atm_connect(struct socket *sock,int itf,short vpi,int vci);
+int atm_recvmsg(struct socket *sock,struct msghdr *m,int total_len,
+    int flags,struct scm_cookie *scm);
+int atm_sendmsg(struct socket *sock,struct msghdr *m,int total_len,
+  struct scm_cookie *scm);
+unsigned int atm_poll(struct file *file,struct socket *sock,poll_table *wait);
+int atm_ioctl(struct socket *sock,unsigned int cmd,unsigned long arg);
+int atm_setsockopt(struct socket *sock,int level,int optname,char *optval,
+    int optlen);
+int atm_getsockopt(struct socket *sock,int level,int optname,char *optval,
+    int *optlen);
+int atm_connect_vcc(struct atm_vcc *vcc,int itf,short vpi,int vci);
+void atm_release_vcc_sk(struct sock *sk,int free_sk);
+int atm_change_qos(struct atm_vcc *vcc,struct atm_qos *qos);
+/* -- now in atmdev.h:
+void atm_async_release_vcc(struct atm_vcc *vcc,int reply);
+void atm_shutdown_dev(struct atm_dev *dev);
+int atm_proc_init(void);
+/* SVC */
+void svc_callback(struct atm_vcc *vcc);
+int svc_change_qos(struct atm_vcc *vcc,struct atm_qos *qos);
+/* p2mp */
+int create_leaf(struct socket *leaf,struct socket *session);

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