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diff -u --recursive --new-file v2.3.40/linux/Documentation/networking/wanpipe.txt linux/Documentation/networking/wanpipe.txt
@@ -1,36 +1,23 @@
-WANPIPE(tm) Multiprotocol WAN Driver for Linux WAN Router
+Linux WAN Router Utilities Package
-Release 4.1
-November 17, 1997
-Author: Jaspreet Singh <>
-Copyright (c) 1995-1997 Sangoma Technologies Inc.
+Version 2.1.1
+Nov 08, 1999
+Author: Nenad Corbic <>
+Copyright (c) 1995-1999 Sangoma Technologies Inc.
-WANPIPE(tm) is a family of intelligent multiprotocol WAN communication adapters
-for personal computers (ISA bus) designed to provide PC connectivity to
-various communication links, such as leased lines and public data networks, at
-speeds up to T1/E1 using a variety of synchronous communications protocols,
-including frame relay, PPP, X.25, SDLC, etc.
-WANPIPE driver together with Linux WAN Router module allows you to build a
-relatively inexpensive, yet high-performance multiprotocol WAN router.  For
-more information about the Linux WAN Router please read the file
-Documentation/networking/wan-router.txt.  You must also obtain the WAN Tools
-package to be able to use the Linux WAN Router and WANPIPE driver.  The package
-is available via the Internet from Sangoma Technologies' anonymous FTP server:
-			or
-The names of the packages differ only due to naming convention.  The 
-functionality of wantools and wanpipe packages are the same.  The latest 
-version of the WAN Drivers is wanpipe-2.0.0.
+This is a set of utilities and shell scripts you need in order to be able to
+use Linux kernel-level WAN Router.  Please read WAN Router User's manual
+(router.txt) and WANPIPE driver documentation found in /usr/lib/router/doc
+directory for installation and configuration instructions.
-For technical questions and/or comments please e-mail to
+You can find the latest version of this software in /pub/linux directory on
+Sangoma Technologies' anonymous FTP server ( 
+For technical questions and/or comments please e-mail to
 For general inquiries please contact Sangoma Technologies Inc. by
 	Hotline:	1-800-388-2475	(USA and Canada, toll free)
@@ -57,117 +44,214 @@
- o This Version of WANPIPE supports only the S508 and S508/FT1 cards.  IF YOU
- o Protection of "enable_irq()" while "disable_irq()" has been enabled from 
-   any other routine (for Frame Relay, PPP and X25).
- o Added additional Stats for Fpipemon and Ppipemon.
- o Improved Load Sharing for multiple boards
-	README.wanpipe	This file
-	sdladrv.c	SDLA support module source code
-	sdla_fr.c	SDLA Frame Relay source code
-	sdla_ppp.c	SDLA PPP source code
-	sdla_x25.c	SDLA X.25 source code
-	sdlamain.c	SDLA support source code
-	sdla_x25.h	SDLA X.25 firmware API definitions
-	sdla_fr.h	SDLA frame relay firmware API definitions
-	sdla_ppp.h	SDLA PPP firmware API definitions
-	wanpipe.h	WANPIPE API definitions
-	sdladrv.h	SDLA support module API definitions
-	sdlasfm.h	SDLA firmware module definitions
-	router.h	
-4.1	November 28, 1997
-        o Protection of "enable_irq()" while "disable_irq()" has been enabled 
-	  from any other routine (for Frame Relay, PPP and X25).
-        o Added additional Stats for Fpipemon and Ppipemon
-	o Improved Load Sharing for multiple boards
-4.0	November 06, 1997
- 	o Implemented better protection of RACE conditions by critical flags for
- 	  FRAME RELAY, PPP and X25.
- 	o DLCI List interrupt mode implemented for DLCI specific CIR.
- 	o IPX support for FRAME RELAY, PPP and X25.
- 	o IPX Server Support (MARS) for FRAME RELAY, PPP and X25.
- 	o More driver specific stats included. 
-3.1.0	January 30, 1997
-	o Implemented IOCTL for executing adapter commands.
-	o Fixed a bug in frame relay code causing driver configured as a FR
-	  switch to be stuck in WAN_DISCONNECTED mode.
-3.0.0	December 31, 1996
-	o Uses Linux WAN Router interface
-	o Added support for X.25 routing
-	o Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements
-2.4.1	December 18, 1996
-	o Added support for LMI and Q.933 frame relay link management
+This product is based on the WANPIPE(tm) Multiprotocol WAN Router developed
+by Sangoma Technologies Inc. for Linux 2.2.x.  Success of the WANPIPE
+together with the next major release of Linux kernel in summer 1996 commanded
+adequate changes to the WANPIPE code to take full advantage of new Linux
+Instead of continuing developing proprietary interface tied to Sangoma WAN
+cards, we decided to separate all hardware-independent code into a separate
+module and defined two levels of interfaces - one for user-level applications
+and another for kernel-level WAN drivers.  WANPIPE is now implemented as a
+WAN driver compliant with the WAN Link Driver interface.  Also a general
+purpose WAN configuration utility and a set of shell scripts was developed to 
+support WAN router at the user level.
+Many useful ideas concerning hardware-independent interface implementation
+were given by Mike McLagan <> and his implementation
+of the Frame Relay router and drivers for Sangoma cards (dlci/sdla).
+With the new implementation of the APIs being incorporated into the WANPIPE,
+a special thank goes to Alan Cox in providing insight into BSD sockets.
+Special thanks to all the WANPIPE users who performed field-testing, reported
+bugs and made valuable comments and suggestions that help us to improve this
-2.3.0	October 17, 1996
-	o All shell scripts use meta-configuration file
-	o Miscellaneous bug fixes
-2.2.0	July 16, 1996
-	o Compatible with Linux 2.0
-	o Added uninstall script
-	o User's Manual is available in HTML format
+o Renamed startup script to wanrouter
+o Option to turn off/on each router 
+  separately
+o New source directory /usr/lib/wanrouter
+o New PPP driver 
+o X25 is not supported in this release 
+	wanpipe1.conf	default router configuration file
+	wanrouter.rc	meta-configuration file (used by the Setup script)
+	wanrouter.o	router kernel loadable module
+	sdladrv.o	Sangoma SDLA support module
+	wanpipe.o	Sangoma WANPIPE(tm) driver module
+	Config		reads current router configuration
+	Status		reads current router status
+	{name}		reads WAN driver statistics
+	wanrouter	router start-up script
+	wanconfig	router configuration utility
+	sdladump	WANPIPE adapter memory dump utility
+        fpipemon        Monitor for Frame Relay
+        cpipemon        Monitor for Cisco HDLC
+	README		this file
+	COPYING		GNU General Public License
+	Setup		installation script
+	Configure	configuration script
+	Filelist	distribution definition file
+	WANPIPE_USER_MANUAL.txt WAN Router User's Manual
+	WANPIPE_CONFIG.txt	WAN Configuration Manual
+	*		interface configuration files (TCP/IP configuration)
+	wanrouter-22.gz	patch for Linux kernel 2.2.10 and 2.2.11 
+			(compatible for all 2.2.X kernels)
+	wanrouter-20.gz patch for Linux kernel 2.0.36 
+	Fix_2.2.11.gz   patch to fix the 2.2.11 kernel so other patches
+                        can be applied properly.
+	interface	sample interface configuration file
+	wanpipe1.cpri 	CHDLC primary port
+     	wanpipe2.csec 	CHDLC secondary port
+   	Frame Relay protocol
+     	wanpipe1.ppp  	PPP protocol ) 
+	wanrouter.rc	sample meta-configuration file
-2.1.0	June 20, 1996
+	*		wan-tools source code
-	o Added support for synchronous PPP
-	o Added support for S503 adapter
-	o Added API for executing adapter commands
-	o Fixed a re-entrancy problem in frame relay driver
-	o Changed interface between SDLA driver and protocol support modules
-	o Updated frame relay firmware
+	wanrouter.h	router API definitions
+	wanpipe.h	WANPIPE API definitions
+	sdladrv.h	SDLA support module API definitions
+	sdlasfm.h	SDLA firmware module definitions
-2.0.0	May 1, 1996
+	*		router source code
-	o Added interactive installation and configuration scripts
-	o Added System V-style start-up script
-	o Added dynamic memory window address selection in SDLA driver
-	o Miscellaneous bug fixes in SDLA driver
-	o Updated S508 frame relay firmware
-	o Changed SFM file format
+	wanrouter	router start-up log (created by the Setup script)
-1.0.0	February 12, 1996
+	wanrouter	router lock file (created by the Setup script)
-	o Final release
-	o Added support for Linux 1.3
-	o Updated S508 frame relay firmware
+	fr514.sfm	Frame relay firmware for Sangoma S508/S514 card
+	cdual514.sfm	Dual Port Cisco HDLC firmware for Sangoma S508/S514 card
+	ppp514.sfm      PPP Firmware for Sangoma S508 and S514 cards
-0.9.0	December 21, 1995
-	o Added SNAP encapsulation for routed frames
-	o Added support for the frame relay switch emulation mode
-	o Added support for S508 adapter
-	o Added capability to autodetect adapter type
-	o Miscellaneous bug fixes in SDLA and frame relay drivers
-0.1.0	October 12, 1995
+1.0.0	December 31, 1996	Initial version
-	o Initial version
+1.0.1	January 30, 1997	Status and statistics can be read via /proc
+				filesystem entries.
->>>>>>> END OF README <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
+1.0.2   April 30, 1997          Added UDP management via monitors.
+1.0.3	June 3, 1997		UDP management for multiple boards using Frame
+				Relay and PPP
+				Enabled continuous transmission of Configure 
+				Request Packet for PPP (for 508 only)
+				Connection Timeout for PPP changed from 900 to 0
+				Flow Control Problem fixed for Frame Relay
+1.0.4	July 10, 1997		S508/FT1 monitoring capability in fpipemon and
+				ppipemon utilities.
+				Configurable TTL for UDP packets.
+				Multicast and Broadcast IP source addresses are
+				silently discarded.
+1.0.5	July 28, 1997		Configurable T391,T392,N391,N392,N393 for Frame
+				Relay in router.conf.
+				Configurable Memory Address through router.conf 
+				for Frame Relay, PPP and X.25. (commenting this
+ 				out enables auto-detection).
+				Fixed freeing up received buffers using kfree()
+ 				for Frame Relay and X.25.
+				Protect sdla_peek() by calling save_flags(),
+				cli() and restore_flags().
+				Changed number of Trace elements from 32 to 20
+				Added DLCI specific data monitoring in FPIPEMON. 
+2.0.0	Nov 07, 1997		Implemented protection of RACE conditions by 
+				critical flags for FRAME RELAY and PPP.
+				DLCI List interrupt mode implemented.
+				IPX support in FRAME RELAY and PPP.
+				IPX Server Support (MARS)
+				More driver specific stats included in FPIPEMON
+				and PIPEMON.
+2.0.1	Nov 28, 1997		Bug Fixes for version 2.0.0.
+				Protection of "enable_irq()" while 
+				"disable_irq()" has been enabled from any other
+				routine (for Frame Relay, PPP and X25).
+				Added additional Stats for Fpipemon and Ppipemon
+				Improved Load Sharing for multiple boards
+2.0.2	Dec 09, 1997		Support for PAP and CHAP for ppp has been
+				implemented.
+2.0.3	Aug 15, 1998		New release supporting Cisco HDLC, CIR for Frame
+				relay, Dynamic IP assignment for PPP and Inverse
+				Arp support for Frame-relay.  Man Pages are 
+				included for better support and a new utility
+				for configuring FT1 cards.
+2.0.4	Dec 09, 1998	        Dual Port support for Cisco HDLC.
+				Support for HDLC (LAPB) API.
+				Supports BiSync Streaming code for S502E 
+				and S503 cards.
+				Support for Streaming HDLC API.
+				Provides a BSD socket interface for 
+				creating applications using BiSync
+   				streaming.        
+2.0.5   Aug 04, 1999 		CHDLC initializatin bug fix.
+				PPP interrupt driven driver: 
+  				Fix to the PPP line hangup problem.
+				New PPP firmware
+				Added comments to the startup SYSTEM ERROR messages
+				Xpipemon debugging application for the X25 protocol
+				New USER_MANUAL.txt
+				Fixed the odd boundary 4byte writes to the board.
+				BiSync Streaming code has been taken out.  
+				 Available as a patch.
+				Streaming HDLC API has been taken out.  
+				 Available as a patch.                 
+2.0.6   Aug 17, 1999		Increased debugging in statup scripts
+				Fixed insallation bugs from 2.0.5
+				Kernel patch works for both 2.2.10 and 2.2.11 kernels.
+				There is no functional difference between the two packages         
+2.0.7   Aug 26, 1999		o  Merged X25API code into WANPIPE.
+				o  Fixed a memeory leak for X25API
+				o  Updated the X25API code for 2.2.X kernels.
+				o  Improved NEM handling.   
+2.1.0	Oct 25, 1999		o New code for S514 PCI Card
+				o New CHDLC and Frame Relay drivers
+				o PPP and X25 are not supported in this release    
+>>>>>> END OF README <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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