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diff -u --recursive --new-file v2.3.42/linux/drivers/usb/ linux/drivers/usb/
@@ -10,6 +10,9 @@
 comment 'USB Controllers'
    dep_tristate '  UHCI (Intel PIIX4, VIA, ...) support' CONFIG_USB_UHCI $CONFIG_USB
    dep_tristate '  UHCI Alternate Driver (JE) support' CONFIG_USB_UHCI_ALT $CONFIG_USB
+   if [ "$CONFIG_USB_UHCI_ALT" != "n" ]; then
+      bool '    UHCI unlink optimizations (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_USB_UHCI_ALT_UNLINK_OPTIMIZE
+   fi
    dep_tristate '  OHCI (Compaq, iMacs, OPTi, SiS, ALi, ...) support' CONFIG_USB_OHCI $CONFIG_USB
 comment 'Miscellaneous USB options'
@@ -26,6 +29,7 @@
       bool '    USB Handspring Visor Driver' CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_VISOR
       bool '    USB ConnectTech WhiteHEAT Serial Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_WHITEHEAT
       bool '    USB FTDI Single Port Serial Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_FTDI
+      bool '    USB Keyspan PDA Single Port Serial Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_KEYSPAN_PDA
       bool '    USB Belkin Single Port Serial Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_BELKIN
       bool '    USB Peracom Single Port Serial Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_PERACOM

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