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diff -u --recursive --new-file v2.3.99-pre8/linux/scripts/ linux/scripts/
@@ -55,6 +55,16 @@
 pack .f0.left .f0.middle .f0.right -side left -padx 5 -pady 0 -fill y
 pack .f0 -padx 5 -pady 5
+update idletasks
+set winy [expr 10 + [winfo reqheight .f0]]
+set scry [lindex [wm maxsize .] 1]
+set winx [expr 10 + [winfo reqwidth .f0]]
+set scrx [lindex [wm maxsize .] 0]
+if {$winx < $scrx} then {set maxx -1} else {set maxx $winx}
+if {$winy < $scry} then {set maxy -1} else {set maxy $winy}
+.f0 configure -width $winx -height $winy 
+wm maxsize . $maxx $maxy
 # If we cannot write our config files, disable the write button.

TCL-scripts by Sam Shen (who was at: